Every single dollar counts

A little goes a long way

We Care And We Need Your Help.
         International Dove Aid is a faith base organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people in need. When we look around our streets and we see the homeless, the sick ,those that abuse substances,those that are abused women and children and those that are lost. These are our streets, these are our cities, these are our states, this is our country, these are our oceans, this is our planet. Our vision is to implement programs focused on lasting solutions to hunger, healthy eating, educational, cancer awareness, homeless, battered women and children shelters, assistant Living, and affordable Housing.
         I have been in construction for over forty years. I went to school for Heavy Equipment Operation, Carpentry, Framing, Drywalling, Roofing, Plumbing, I know how to shoot grade, set footings and foundations, read blueprints. For the last ten years,  I have been doing construction consultant. I was doing the reconstruction of houses damaged in fires, and remodeling from the planning stage to final inspection and a lot of this work was volunteered, but I headed the projects.
        Matthew J. Gilchrist; CFO has been in finance for four years.
         Reina  Gilchrist ;  Secretary
        Pamela Broadous; Director of Development and Community Engagement; has been teaching in our public school system for many years. 

        There are a lot of people that need help. Don`t you want to make a difference ?
                                                                         We Do, WE Care.