International Dove Aid
No one should have to be without food and shelter, together we can make a difference. You can change a life with only a  little change a day!
Shelter the needy

No child should ever go a day without a meal. You can make a difference.  We are here always lending a hand

 We all are aware of the epidemic of battered women, child abuse , homelessness, and  seniors in assistant living homes. We are here  to address and find solutions to bring an end to this epidemic. Our goal is that everyone will live a better healthier life: not just  this generation but also for those to come.
 We offer soup kitchens, Healthy eating programs, Battered  women, children, and Homeless shelters as well as  substance abuse, cancer awareness, and  domestic violence programs. Our educational programs include  vocational training.   and scholarship opportunities.
Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for people in  need. Our Vision is to implement programs focused on lasting solution 

Come and donate, time, cash, food and a lot of  love.

   We  offer;  Services;  counseling for substance abuse, cancer awareness, educational , handyman, and employment. Shelters: battered women, children, and homeless. Food; soup kitchen, food banks, and healthy eating. Housing; affordable and assistance living, 
Every Penny Counts
You can save a life today!
  1. Food and Medical Assistance
    Here in the USA and around the world there are millions of men, women and children that are homeless ,abused, malnutritioned with little or no medical assistance. Together we can change that, we can make a difference.
  2. Every Penny Counts
    We all have heard the saying " waste not want not" Well we say "waste not someone else want not" whatever you can give it counts no matter how small it counts.
  3. We Care
    Its said that you will never know until you walk a mile in someone else`s shoes. Will I have been there and so I know from first hand, how it feels to just want someone to be there. For a small hand, not a lot , just enough to get by.We feel no one should feel that no one cares. We care.